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The Byourbed mission is to provide detailed, honest, and transparent information about bedding.

Bedding Integrity is comprised of:
1. Dimensions
2. Material
3. Construction

Byourbed understands that having the very best material and properly sized dimensions means nothing if the bedding's construction is done poorly. Bedding that falls apart after limited use, that is sewn in an unpleasant way or is constructed in a way that cuts corners on quality standards does not represent bedding that creates comfort or confidence.

By knowing Byourbed bedding products are constructed up to and often exceeding quality standards, you can literally rest assured that your bedding from Byourbed is constructed in a way that will provide lasting comfort. Comfortable bedding that is well constructed and looks good avoids loss of time and frustration with returns and replacements. When it comes to construction, Byourbed can never claim to be defect free, but our mission is to greatly increase our customer experience through using the best standards of production and inspection procedures to proactively ensure our bedding construction is an industry leader.


Across all Byourbed bedding product lines there is a wide variety of construction styles and standards utilized. The below list highlights a few of the most important factors of a bedding product's construction.

Fill Rate
Byourbed offers: 270-300 GSM Fill Rate. Byourbed has determined this Fill Rate creates the optimal comfort level for getting a quality night's rest. Fill Rate is unfortunately a construction aspect that many manufacturers cut corners on. Have you ever had a bedding comforter that felt flimsy, looked pathetic on your bed, and fell short in providing warmth? If you have, then you've had a comforter that was not adequately filled. Most manufacturers provide a 200-220 GSM Fill Rate Comforter. We've even seen some comforters as low as 160-180 GSM Fill Rate. These comforters are quite sorry and lack bedding integrity. It's no wonder that the majority of bedding comforters don't list their Fill Rate - after all, most consumers don't know what Fill Rate means or what to look for. For this very reason its Byourbed's mission to not only create quality constructed, well filled comforters, but to also make this bedding knowledge transparent and understandable for all consumers. In short, customers should demand better and with Byourbed and our Comfort Proof Tested Results that prove our accurately listed Comforter Fill Rates, you'll get more bedding for your hard earned dollar.


Byourbed offers: Quality Stitching. Besides the standard stitching that ensures your Byourbed bedding products have the longevity you expect, Byourbed also offers specialty stitching. There are two comforter styles that have separated Byourbed as a leader through high quality stitching. The first is our Pin Tuck Comforter. Designed to create a textured look and pattern that's pleasing to the eye, the Byourbed Pin Tuck Comforter is a hand stitched technique that requires precision and a quality stitch. What's important to know is that the Pin Tuck design is not new, but rather the quality of Byourbed's construction is of the highest level. When Pin Tuck stitching is done poorly, the Pin Tuck construction can break away in various locations through use or machine washing. The Byourbed Pin Tuck is constructed in a way that is designed to last and handle washing machines. The second construction area in which Byourbed has shown to be top in class for construction is with our Invisible Tacking Comforters. Byourbed has no shortage of standard baffle box and line tacked comforters, both designed to prevent the inner fill from shifting, but what Byourbed offers that is on the forefront of stitching construction is invisible tacking. With invisible tacking, you can have a comforter with an inner fill won't shift, while also gaining a comforter with no unsightly sew lines. In short you gain a comforter that acts like a comforter, but looks like a duvet cover.

Color Dyes
Byourbed offers: Reactive Dyed Bedding. Have you ever had colors run off in the wash? Colors run when the construction process of the dying process chosen is not of the highest quality. When the colors of bedding run, its not only frustrating it’s also costly too. Although the dying process used to make our bedding colorfast is more costly it is in Byourbed's opinion a corner that cannot be cut. Quality bedding simply must be constructed in a way that the colors don't run. Byourbed provides Comfort Proof Tested Results to confirm our bedding comforters and sheets use a reactive, colorfast dye that won't run.

Inspection Process
Byourbed offers: Rigorous Inspection Reports. During the production and post-completion phase of product construction, Byourbed ensures products are carefully inspected to meet the strict quality and construction guidelines that Byourbed sets. Should any bedding fail to meet the quality guidelines, Byourbed works with our factories to solve the problems and to produce the higher level of bedding products that you, our customer, expects and deserves.

Bedding that Feels Good. Guaranteed.

Byourbed offers hassle-free returns. The peace of mind of knowing if our comfort or construction quality in any way disappoints you that you can obtain a full refund should speak volumes when it comes to how Byourbed thinks about and believes in the quality that we offer. With Byourbed you'll have bedding integrity through transparent information about your bedding's construction. widget logo