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The Byourbed mission is to provide detailed, honest, and transparent information about bedding.
By successfully reaching our daily mission, Byourbed aims to gain your trust as the source for "Bedding that feels good. Guaranteed."

Bedding Integrity is comprised of:
1. Dimensions
2. Material
3. Construction

By you, the consumer, being aware of detailed bedding information, you can avoid loss of time and frustration from comforters that aren't soft, toppers that lack support, or blankets that don't engulf you with coziness. For years, bedding products have seen a reduction in the quality of materials used, while still being labeled soft and luxurious. This trend leaves shoppers with material that lacks both longevity and comfort. You need the kind of material that embraces you the moment you lay in your bed and won't let you go until the moment you should get up for work.

Purchasing bedding online requires complete trust. Byourbed provides trust not just through our policies and hassle free return system, but through our dedication to provide you the most detailed, honest, and transparent information about our bedding. Through Comfort Proof® you can be 100% confident that the bedding material you've chosen is the bedding material you'll receive. Without Comfort Proof Tested Results, how do you know if the 400 thread count sheets you purchased aren't actually 200 thread count? Or if the cotton comforter you bought isn't polyester? In a quest for lower prices and more sales, there has been an unfortunate trend toward the misrepresentation of the very bedding you are seeking to potentially buy. Byourbed takes away purchasing uncertainty and provides 100% confidence in knowing the bedding material you purchased is the bedding material you will receive.

Choosing Material (For your Comforter & Sheet Sets):

Cotton bedding is known for being an anti-pilling, cling free, tough material that lasts. Bedding products made of cotton are also known to breathe easier than synthetic alternatives. Having bedding that can "breathe easier" is helpful in reducing the frequency you'll overheat or sweat within your bed. The most common bedding myth about cotton is that the higher the thread count the softer the sheet or comforter. Although thread count holds some value it is certainly not the determining factor for your cotton bedding's overall quality and satisfaction. What makes for the most comfortable cotton bedding is a combination of quality material and the construction technique used in production.

Byourbed provides
Cotton comforters, sheet sets, and mattress pads with the ideal combination thread count and construction to provide comfortable bedding at affordable prices. At some level switching to a higher thread count or a more expansive manufacturing process only gets you incrementally smaller and noticeable returns on your investment. Most importantly a Byourbed cotton product is in fact a 100% cotton product. With Comfort Proof Tested Results, you have 100% certainty that bedding listed as 100% cotton is 100% cotton. The practice of altering the material used in a sheet set to a % of polyester mixed with a % of cotton only to list the product as 100% cotton should be criminal.

In short Microfiber is Polyester, but it's not just a nicer name for polyester bedding. Microfiber is a better quality way in which polyester is produced. Whether it be the soft to the touch feel or the way it looks, there is something about Microfiber that has made it excel as a leading material within the bedding industry. Microfiber that has the right weight (measured in GSM) and the right brush technique are often considered by consumers to be softer than cotton. Microfiber also provides the added bonus of fewer wrinkles than cotton and for those that like to sleep warm, Microfiber takes away the sting from getting into 'cold' bedding. One of the most important facts to know about Microfiber is that its quality is measured in GSM weight not thread count. It is impossible for Microfiber bedding to have a thread count. What's worse is that most bedding manufacturers don't list the GSM weight of Microfiber because consumers often confuse or mistake the GSM weight as Thread Count which is not only wrong, it's also detrimental to the sale of the Microfiber product. It's detrimental because good GSM weight is anything 85 GSM and above. Since customers think of bedding in terms of Thread Count, sales would decrease by listing GSM because although 85 GSM is good quality a customer is prone to thinking 85 is a very low and when thinking of Thread Count it's a number that wouldn't be fitting to let your dog sleep on.

Byourbed provides only the best quality of Microfiber bedding sheets and comforters. The most common GSM Byourbed offers is between 85-90. Byourbed will never provide GSM less than 80 GSM. GSM between 70-80 GSM is however very common in retail stores both online and in stores. The quality of 70-80 GSM is considered by Byourbed to be substandard as its too thin and doesn't provide a comfort level suitable enough for Byourbed to offer. You can only imagine then what Byourbed thinks of GSM lower than 70! Beyond GSM, it's also important to consider a Microfiber's brush. The way Microfiber sheets and comforters are brushed play a significant role in how cozy and soft the Microfiber bedding actually is. Byourbed prefers to offer a double brushed Microfiber, which is extremely soft to the touch. Unlike Microfiber's GSM weight which can go through Comfort Proof's Tested Results, the actual double brushed soft feel is an attribute that requires your confidence and trust in Byourbed's offering.

Bamboo (Rayon):
When it comes to bedding, Bamboo is an environmentally friendly leader due to its ability to grow quickly and without the need for pesticides. The production process of Bamboo involves breaking down its fibers in a chemical process in order to create an ultrasoft, silk-like smooth feel. This process by definition requires Bamboo bedding to also have the term Rayon attached to it. Whereas Bamboo is the exact material, Rayon is simply an overarching term that is used when natural based cellulose of wood pulp or cotton are used to make bedding products or other products using the same process.

Byourbed provides Bamboo Comforters and Bamboo sheet sets that give you peace of mind for the environment, but maybe more importantly give you a more enjoyable night's sleep. There is something about the Rayon process of Bamboo that makes it silky soft. When seeking ultra-high quality bedding, Bamboo bedding must certainly be considered.

If bedding materials could get married to create the ultimate union of comfort and supreme feel of bed comforters and sheets then the combination of Tencel®, Cotton, and Linen would be a hard combination to beat. Tencel® is made of the fiber Lyocell which is a natural man-made fiber. Made from cellulose in wood pulp, which is harvested from tree-farmed trees, the surface fibers of standard Tencel® are fibrillated to produce a luxurious, soft-touch fabric with a peachskin surface. Beyond creating soft, comfortable bedding, Tencel® is also considered to be among the best for environmental standards. Adding these positive benefits of Tencel® to Cotton, which is well known for its soft feel and Linen which is known for its durability and breathability, make for a truly comfortable, long lasting bedding set that can B Your Bed.

Byourbed provides a comforter and sheet set that is made from 50% Tencel®, 30% Cotton, and 20% Linen. This luxury bedding is backed by Comfort Proof Tested Results, which confirms the material you want is the material you'll receive.

Choosing Bed Toppers (Basic foam vs. Memory Foam vs. Serene Foam vs. Featherbeds):

Byourbed provides a wide variety of bed toppers. Bed toppers have the power to transform any basic mattress into a blissful, sink in soft paradise of comfort. The question is not if a bed topper will enhance your bed's comfort, but rather which bed topper is best your budget and sleep preference.

Basic Foam (Polyurethane Foam):
The most economical of all bed toppers, basic foam provides a durable cushion layer of support between you and your mattress. For what you gain for how little the cost is, Basic Foam is a no brainer solution to providing your mattress with increased comfort without breaking the bank. Basic Foam is a lot more rigid than Memory or Serene Foam which when touched doesn't create the "oooh” and “aahh" effect of sink in comfort, but does provide a more supportive foundation to sleep on. In fact, some people find the stiffness of Basic Foam to be an advantage and better for supplying necessary back support. While Basic Foam will never be described with the “oohhs” and “aahhs” of Memory or Serene Foam, it is certainly more than capable to get the job done ... that job being "Comfort Creator". Byourbed Basic Foam Toppers are USA Made.

Memory Foam:
If Basic Foam gets the job done, then Memory Foam takes it to the next level. The sink in softness and cushioned support of memory foam can make you melt with comfort. What makes Memory Foam different from Basic Foam is the foam's density. The lower the density the more Memory Foam is similar to that of Basic Foam. The higher the density the more the Memory Foam has sink in characteristics. Lower density Memory Foam is less expensive and more durable long term, however there can become a point in which your more expensive "Memory Foam" is nothing more that overpriced "Basic Foam". For this reason, Byourbed's Comfort Proof Tested Results are a vital necessity when purchasing your Memory Foam bedding topper. Having 100% certainty that what you purchased is what you'll get is what makes Comfort Proof® your transparent view into the actual construction of your Memory Foam Topper. Byourbed Memory Foam Toppers are USA Made.

About Density:
Density measures the pounds of Memory Foam per cubic foot. When it comes to Memory Foam density more doesn't mean better. At Byourbed, our standard Memory Foam Topper density is 2.5 and we even offer a 4" Memory Foam Topper as low as 1.5 density. Our findings suggest that 2.5 density provides the optimal combination of sink in softness coupled with necessary back support. For this reason, all Byourbed Memory Foam Toppers are constructed at 2.5 Density, except Our 4" Memory Foam Topper with 1.5 density which is available for those that need a little more support than cushion.

Serene Foam:
The most advanced foam available, Serene Foam is enhanced with Supportive Air Technology which increases the support level without decreasing comfort. Imagine having the support of Basic Foam while also having the sink in softness of Memory Foam. That's Serene Foam! In the world of bed toppers, it is having your cake and eating it too!

The Serene Foam Technology dramatically reduces pressure on common pressure points such as the hips and shoulders to allow you a quality night's sleep without tossing and turning. Besides the fact that Serene Foam provides both sink in softness and support it has two other distinct advantages over other Foam Topper options. First, Serene Foam reduces motion transfer, which means when your partner moves during the night, your foam sleeping area will not be effected. Second, Serene Foam is not temperature sensitive, so you can also have a cooler night's sleep. Both Basic and Memory Foam take on its surrounding temperature, which means your 98.5 degree body can create an overly warm sleeping area. Since Serene Foam is not temperature sensitive, your warm 98.5 degree body has no effect on how warm your Serene Foam Topper gets. Byourbed Serene Foam Toppers are USA Made.

The Test:
Byourbed placed sections of Basic Foam, Memory Foam and Serene Foam in a freezer and discovered both the Basic and Memory Foam Toppers became hardened and frozen by the cold. The Serene Foam however remained unphased by the temperature. This mini test is helpful to grasp how Serene Foam stays cool and doesn't take on your body's heat. A distinct advancement and advantage when considering which Foam Topper to purchase.

Standard Featherbeds:
Although Foam Toppers have taken over as the "IT" Topper there is still a case to be made for Featherbeds. Byourbed offers a high quality Baffle Box constructed Featherbed, which means the feathers won't shift or bunch up causing a lumpy discomfort. Instead our Featherbeds provide a lasting support and comfort. Made of high quality natural duck or goose feathers (select your preferred option) the Byourbed Featherbed creates quite possibly the best in comfort. Selecting between a Foam Bed Topper and a Featherbed Topper is not an easy decision. Both topper would enhance the quality of your sleep, but it boils down to if you want more sink in cushion or more support. If your body type requires more support, then we suggest our Featherbed Topper. Byourbed Featherbeds give you the cushioning you love and support your body craves. Byourbed Standard Baffle Box Featherbeds are USA Made.

Down-Top Featherbeds:
Just as the name implies, the Down-Top Featherbed is a Standard Featherbed with an added top layer of Down. This enhanced featherbed version is nothing short of impressive. The added layer of Down provides two distinct advantages. First, it brings even more cushion to a Standard Featherbed's supportive comfort. Second, it creates a separating layer between the Featherbed Quills and your body. This second advantage can be achieved with Standard Featherbeds by placing the Featherbed under your mattress pad and sheet set, so although it is a positive feature of the Down-Top Featherbed it is the comfort and feeling of Down that turns the Standard Featherbed into a heavenly cloud. Byourbed Down-Top Featherbeds are USA Made.

The case for Fiberbeds is built in its simplicity. For the most sensitive of sleepers, Fiberbeds can provide a medium level of comfort without any of the frills. Whether you are allergic to feathers and down or you have a heightened sense of smell and cannot use foam, the Fiberbed is subtle way to enhance your bedding to an optimal comfort level. Constructed of a softened polyester fill, the Fiberbed gives both support and comfort without going overboard. Although the Fiberbed doesn't attract the PR attention of Foam or Featherbed Toppers, it is a suitable alternative for individuals that just want a more comfortable bed without completely altering the bed and sleep style they are used to. Perfect for the person resistant to change, yet in need of a more comfortable night's sleep. Byourbed Fiberbeds are USA Made.

Choosing Pads & Covers (Differences between Encasements and Mattress Pad Options):

The very first layer of bedding for any bed should be an encasement. Byourbed offers both box spring and mattress encasements. An encasement literally encompasses your entire mattress with a zippered enclosure to create a barrier between your mattress and the outside world. Various types of encasements are better equipped at preventing dust mites, allergens, and even bed bugs from taking over your precious sleeping area. Another advantage to encasements is their ability to expand the life of your mattress by preventing outside elements from contacting your mattress. Especially if your mattress is expensive, you'll want to protect your investment and encasements are an inexpensive way to do just that. Byourbed offers a wide variety of encasements from low-priced get the job done type encasements to the highest level of Bed Bug prevention encasements. Which encasement best suits you is most likely based on your budget, how expensive or inexpensive your mattress is, and your living environment (susceptible to dust mites, allergens or bed bugs).

Mattress Pads:

After securing your mattress and box spring with an encasement you can opt to then add your bed topper layer or your mattress pad. Mattress pads are often used as a dual purpose bedding item. Mattress pads act as an additional barrier between you and your mattress and they also act as a step down comfort provider from Fiberbeds. A third usage and top reason Byourbed finds mattress pads to be a necessity is their ability to be placed over your bed topper. With your bed topper in place on top of your mattress encasement, the mattress pad can then be used to firmly keep your bed topper in place. In essence, the mattress pad locks the bed topper in place, preventing the topper from shifting and making the bed topper almost feel as if it is part of your mattress. A bed topper that doesn't shift or require adjusting is essential to a good night's sleep and proper mattress pad placement is the unsung hero to your support. Without the mattress pad, you'll be readjusting your bed topper over time you go to wash your fitted sheet. What's more is the mattress pad can provide other various levels of sleep support.

Byourbed Provides Anti-Sweat Mattress Pads, Athletic Performance Mattress Pads, Extra Thick Mattress Pads, as well as a wide variety of other mattress pad styles that enhance your night's sleep through your selection of what construction style best suits your individual sleeping needs. Byourbed offers many USA Made Mattress Pads.

Choosing a Pillow (Choosing Your Perfect Pillow):


Finding the perfect pillow for your sleep comfort is more about knowing what you like and don't like. Byourbed only offers high quality pillows because a bad pillow can 100% negate a good night's sleep regardless of how much you invested in all your other bedding supplies. Since you know all Byourbed pillows are of the best quality you can then make your selection based on your budget, however you must first ask yourself a series of questions.

Do I prefer foam or traditional fill pillows? Am I a side side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper? Do I like my pillow firm, medium, or do I want to sink in? Would I like the luxury of a down pillow?

If you can answer these questions or some of these questions, you can begin to discover your perfect pillow and the closer you get to your perfect pillow, the closer you get to your perfect night's sleep.

Pillow Selection Tip:

A good idea when outfitting your bed is to purchase 3-4 different types of pillows with the intent that what you don't select as your optimal pillow you will use as a guest pillow or as a pillow within your bedding's decorative sham. By doing this idea you can try each pillow for 1 week and after 3-4 weeks (without guilt) select your perfect pillow for your bed while using the non-chosen pillows for your sham or visiting guests. Byourbed Pillows are USA Made.

Choosing a Bed Blanket (Plush is King):

Bed Blankets:
The King of COZY is the right plush bed blanket. Sized correctly to tuck into you bed, Byourbed's bed blankets find a way to make a comfortable bed and turn it into a bed that prevents you from going to work. Byourbed only uses the very best in quality coral fleece and plush materials to make our bed blankets. At Byourbed, we also offer a budget friendly fleece (warm, but not soft) and high end down blankets that create a silky comfort, but it's the high quality plush that gets customers talking. Some of our comfort based trademarked bed blanket names include: Me Sooo Comfy®, Are You Kidding®, and My Blanket is Softer than Yours®, with each blanket seemingly outdoing the other when it comes to a softness that will be fought over by you and your partner.


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