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Comfort Proof: Tested Results

Comfort Proof is the symbol for verified, tested results of bedding products. Test results provide detailed, honest, and transparent information about consumer bedding. Comfort Proof is Bedding Confidence.

Byourbed operates with the mission that Consumers should be able to shop with confidence knowing the quality purchased is the quality received, and through Comfort Proof Tested Results, Byourbed is able to deliver 100% Confidence.

Comfort Proof is an information bridge that connects consumers with honest and transparent tested results with detailed bedding information about a particular bedding item's material, construction, and dimensions. Comfort Proof's role is not to advise you whether a bedding item is low or high quality, but rather to advise you of the factual information that proves the bedding item's true material, construction, and dimensions through Tested Results. It's this proof-based testing that allows you, the consumer, to have fact-based information regarding your intended purchase's true bedding characteristics. Bedding confidence is achieved through this transparent sharing of information that Byourbed believes is an essential and critical process to ensure that the quality purchased is the quality received.

Byourbed pioneered Comfort Proof to be utilized beyond Byourbed products and as a platform to share real, 100% fact-based information about the material and construction of consumer bedding. With Comfort Proof, you can have confidence that your bedding is perfect for your comfort, decor, and most importantly for a quality night's sleep. widget logo