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The Byourbed Difference
Top 5 ways Byourbed provides more comfort.

1 -
High Quality/Low Cost -
Byourbed poses the question why does low cost need to compromise quality? Bedding suppliers most typically operate under two distinct price points: low end, grab bin bedding not suitable for your pet OR higher end, take out a loan to make a purchase type quality bedding. The question is why? Why does high quality bedding need to be expensive? In trying to discover the answer, Byourbed believes it is because bedding brands feel that to be synonymous with quality they need to have an exclusive high price. In part this logic is true. If as a consumer you saw a 400TC sheet set by a well-known brand and the cost was double that of the Byourbed cost for a 400TC sheet set, you would most likely assume that the well-known brand provides higher quality. When it comes to bedding, the cost plays a large role in your general feeling about the bedding's quality. For this reason, quality bedding can often be over-priced. Byourbed's mission is to bring you the best in bedding with luxury style minus the luxury cost. With a tireless aim to provide high quality, comfort inspired bedding at a price that makes you wonder "How do they do that?"

At Byourbed our goal is to show you, the consumer, that you can obtain the highest of quality at much lower prices than you thought possible. In part Byourbed can achieve this through Comfort Proof Tested Results that transparently share the construction and material quality of our Byourbed bedding. Secondarily, but just as important, are the excellent Byourbed customer service policies. Byourbed is able to offer free shipping and hassle free - flat rate returns because of our confidence that our bedding quality will meet or exceed the comfort expectation of you, our consumer. In short it’s a combination of factors that allow Byourbed to provide the optimal mix of high quality and budget friendly pricing.

2 - Comfort Proof Tested Results -
When shopping for bedding it can be a bit of a mystery as to the material make-up, dimensions, and actual overall construction of the bedding you seek to purchase. Knowing the true characteristics of your bedding purchase is too often blind trust. Trust that retailers' claims are accurate. Trust that the bedding was properly produced. With so much at stake for retailers to gain more profit by simply overstating a product's quality it is no wonder that the bedding you thought you purchased is not the bedding you actually receive. Thread Counts reduced, dimensions lowered, fill rates slimmed down, and even material altered. No doubt these practices are wrong, but with few customers being able to discern when adjustments are made and no formal "consumer bedding watchdog," the practice of bedding specifications being misrepresented is an all too common reality.

The good news... Byourbed is set to have the "mystery" removed from bedding purchases through the use of Comfort Proof Tested Results. How your Byourbed bedding is made is fully transparent through the use and addition of Comfort Proof Tested Results. Shop with confidence knowing what you purchase is what you'll get!
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Tested Dimensions -
Whether unknowingly or intentionally, bedding dimensions are quite often misrepresented. As a consumer, it can be hard to have confidence in your bedding unless you break out the tape measure or spend hundreds of dollars on tests that would ruin your bedding just to find out if what you paid for is what you received. Byourbed is on a mission to change this and allow you to have utmost confidence in your bedding by listing bedding dimensions accurately and proving it with our
Comfort Proof Tested Results. As the first company to ever provide Comfort Proof Tested Results, Byourbed chooses not to run away from test results, but to obtain those results and share them with you. Comfort Proof® is the tested results you need to confidently know your bedding is right for you and that what you purchase is truly what you'll receive. Byourbed strives to provide you with 100% honesty and transparency when it comes to our detailed bedding information so you can shop with confidence.

Tested Quality -

If your bedding comforter is 4" shorter than expected, that's not good, but if your 400 Thread Count sheets are really 200 Thread Count that is outright wrong? What if the Cotton sheets you thought you got a "great deal" on were really Polyester? Through Comfort Proof Tested Results, Byourbed provides detailed, honest, and transparent information about bedding. With factual information from inspected testing facilities, you can purchase from Byourbed with the highest of confidence levels that the quality you purchase is the quality you will receive.

3 -
Extra Length and Width -
Standard bedding sizes represent the bare minimum for bedding that will fit your bed. Byourbed brand comforters, blankets, and overall bedding items offer you more - with more length and width from Byourbed, your bedding will fit better, look nicer, and be more comfortable. At Byourbed, you can confidently purchase a Queen XL Comforter for a better fit and friendlier cost than purchasing a comforter in the King Bedding Section for your Queen bed. These Extra Long Bedding sizes are what correctly sized bedding should be for an ideal fit, great decor, and ultimate comfort. At Byourbed, you can shop confidently knowing that our XL options give you just the right amount of oversized coverage that you're looking for.

Comforter Sizing

  • Twin XL - Ideal size for Twin/Twin XL Beds
  • Full XL - Ideal size for Full/Full XL Beds
  • Queen XL - Ideal size for Queen Beds
  • King XL - Ideal size for King Beds

4 - Free Shipping -
Nothing is worse than shopping online, finding the perfect product only to be stunned at checkout that the shipping cost is more than anticipated. At Byourbed we provide free shipping 100% of the time. You do not have to spend a certain dollar amount or put in a special coupon code. Free shipping is simply a part of what we do. Great customer service starts with making our Byourbed products affordable without adding in any unexpected shipping charges. Shop freely knowing that shipping is on us!

5 - Hassle Free - Flat Rate Returns -

Byourbed recognizes that the shipping companies don't provide budget friendly pricing for to you, the consumer. It's this recognition that sparked Byourbed's Flat Rate Returns Policy. Byourbed makes the returns process easy. Under 30 days you receive a refund and between 30-60 days you receive store credit. There is no hassle to return an order! What's even better is through our UPS Returns Module you don't even have to contact customer service. Simply
Click Here to generate your UPS label.
The return shipping label is emailed to you at no cost and is as simple as printing the label and taking your boxed return item to your local UPS store or facility. Once Byourbed receives your return the only cost to you is a Flat Rate deduction of $5.00 per returned item that instead of being charged to you is deducted from your refund payment or exchange allotment. Shop guilt free knowing that returns are easy and cost efficient! widget logo