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Cozy Plush - Jacquard Knit King Mattress Pad
Cozy Plush - Jacquard Knit King Mattress pads - softest king size bedding pads on sale

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If you love the comfort of your King sized bed, odds are all of the other members of your household might love it too, and yes, that does include pets! While you don't mind sharing your cozy King bed as long as there is enough room for you, you may want to be mindful of what could happen to your King sized mattress. With so much use, your King mattress could easily get dirty and messy, and they aren't always the easiest pieces of King bedding to clean. It is much easier to clean your King oversize comforter or King sheets, but to avoid your King size mattress getting hit, you may want to look into getting a King mattress pad.

King sized mattress pads are essential for prolonging the life and cleanliness of your King mattress. Our useful Cozy Plush - Jacquard Knit King Mattress Pad will protect your King sized mattress with a thick layer of King mattress pad that is made up of polyester and a silent waterproof lining. The thickness and waterproof capabilities of this fundamental part of your King size bed will keep your King mattress safe while also providing you with an extra layer of comfort. King sized bedding items that provide you with comfort and shield your King mattress are essential to have on your King bed!

Cozy Plush - Jacquard Knit King Mattress Pad

  • Size: King Bedding Mattress Pad
  • Material: Thick 300 GSM Fabric Weight (100% Polyester) - Waterproof Silent Lining (.02 mm TPU)
  • Construction: Knitting Fabric with Jacquard for a plush layer of styled support - Fits Added Depth Mattresses & Machine Washable
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 334.8 GSM Fabric Weight - 100% Polyester
  • Important Information: Adds an extra layer of soft comfort to your Bedding while protecting your mattress

  • Dimensions:
    78" x 80" x 20"

    Comfort Proof Tested Results: 77" x 80" x 20"

    Note: The intended manufactured dimensions of the Cozy Plush - Jacquard Knit King Mattress Pad was 78" x 80" x 20".
    After being randomly selected, Comfort Proof Tested Results show the actual dimensions of the Cozy Plush - Jacquard Knit King Mattress Pad is 78" x 80" x 20". widget logo