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Here you will find Byourbed's selection of oversized comforters. We carry Twin Bedding, Twin XL Bedding, Queen Bedding, Full XL Bedding, and King Bedding. Our comforter sizes are all extended length sizes. Oversized King Comforters are impossible to find and purchasing a king comforter for your queen bed should be unnecessary. Our bedding is made to fit! In truth we are not sure if our bedding is oversized or if other bedding manufacturers just make their bedding too small. Either way our oversized comforters are sized to look good!

Find bedding of all sizes and styles at Byourbed. Your bedding is one of the most important pieces of your home decor. You'll receive comfort and style all in one guaranteed comfortable package.
  • Twin / Twin XL Comforters (Extra Length and Width)

    Here you will find Byourbed's selection of Twin Comforters and Twin XL Comforters. Your bed is where you rest and rejuvenate for the next day, so you want the most comfort you can find. However, you also want a great looking bedroom decor with your Twin Bed or Twin XL Bed as the centerpiece. Here you will find the Twin and Twin XL Bedding essentials you need to make your bed comfortable and your room look great - all in one item.
  • Full / Full XL Comforters (Extra Length and Width)

    Here you will find our selection of Full/Full XL Comforters. These Full Bedding Comforters are available in a wide variety of options so you can have the exact look you need and the exact comfort level you need and want. From designer bedding choices to cotton, down, and even textured Full Bedding, this is where your bedroom decor begins and where you can start to create the comfortable environment you need for a quality night's sleep.
  • Oversized Queen Comforters (Extra Length and Width)

    Here you will find Byourbed's selection of Queen/Queen XL Comforters. Your Queen Bedding is of utmost importance in your home. You need a quality night's sleep every night, and here you will find the essentials you need to create that incredibly comfortable environment you need. From Textured Queen Comforters to Down Queen Comforters, you can create the perfect relaxing look you want in your bedroom decor and engulf yourself in ultimate comfort.
  • King / Cal King Comforters (Extra Length and Width)

    Here you will find Byourbed's selection of King/King XL Comforters. These King Bedding essentials will add luxurious comfort to your King Bed so you can get the comfort you need for a quality night's sleep. Plus, with a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and even fabrics, they will even complete your bedroom decor so you can have the look you have pictured in your mind that relaxes you into a restful sleep pattern.
Start your home decor out right with your comforter. Your bedding is like another work of art in your bedroom and each piece is equally important to creating your unique look. Here you will find Byourbed's selection of comforters in various sizes and styles to start your bedroom decor or freshen the look of your bedroom. Whatever style and atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom decor, whether it is modern or elegant, you will find it here. Each piece is Comfort Proofed with actual testing reports that tell you the true Thread Count, Material, and more. Shop and sleep with confidence with our guaranteed bedding.