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Here you will find Byourbed's selection of bedrests and body pillows. These bedding essentials will add extra comfort to your bedding and nighttime routine. Using your bedding pillow behind your back will not offer the supportive comfort you need while reading or watching a movie in your bed. With one of our bedrests or body pillows, you can have the firm support you need to be comfortable while relaxing before falling asleep.
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Microfiber Aqua Bedrest - Aqua Blue Bedding Bedrest Seating for Bedrooms - Brushed Twill Campus Bedrest - Black - Bed Accessories Cheap Bedding Accessories - Plush Bedrest - Black - Quality Bedrests
Microfiber Aqua Bedrest
Our Price: $23.39
Plush Bedrest - Black
Our Price: $24.79
Sitting in your bed before falling asleep can be incredibly relaxing. You will be reading your book, tablet, or watching a movie to relax and have a more quality night's sleep. However, that relaxation routine won't do much if you are using your bedding pillow as support behind you. Your bedding pillow may offer the best support for your head, but your back is a separate concern. For true support and comfort behind your back, use one of our firm, comfortable bedrests or body pillows.